Tailor Directory

Tailor Directory


These tailors offer premium service from well-fitted shops in Singapore's prime shopping and business districts. Although prices are on the higher side, these establishments offer attention and service to match.

For those that are uncompromising on quality, or seek a no-fuss option for a few key garments, these would represent a great place to start. Typical prices are in the order of $150 for a shirt (including fabric), $200 for trousers, and $800 and up for a suit.


There are some excellent mid-range tailors throughout Singapore, who produce garments that are in many cases just as good as those from their more upscale counterparts. These shops are often in older shopping malls (no doubt saving their owners plenty of rent), and tend to do higher volumes at lower prices.

People seeking to build up an entire wardrobe of custom clothing over time would probably find it worthwhile to build a relationship with a tailor listed as midrange or value - typical prices in this category are under $100 for a shirt or trousers including fabric, and $500 for a suit.


These establishments offer a good product, at an amazing price. Although there are countless tailors in Singapore that specialise in making clothing that is both cheap and nasty by cutting corners (none of which will be listed in this guide), these shops offer something else. They provide a great product at a good price by operating from cheaper premises and at slightly higher volumes than their upscale counterparts.